Flashlight for photography
  • A compact handheld focusable
    source of continuous light
  • For photographers and videomakers
  • Ideal for any type of event or location

When using RetLight, on the photo and video you will take the correct skin tone. This is because they use LEDs with a CRI above 90 when manufacturing these flashlights. These LEDs do not add yellow-green touch to the skin color.

  • Portable and easy to use.
  • The battery is hidden inside the body.
  • The light intensity dial helps quickly get the perfect light level.
  • Maximum light output is 3800 lumens.
  • The focusing head of the flashlight lets to zero in to highlight the subject with a tight spot or pull back to wide flood and add fill light to a larger area.

Since RetLight looks like a simple flashlight for many people, you can shoot with Retlight in the locations where the usage of professional photo equipment is prohibited.

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LEDs with a CRI above 90

1/4″-20 and 3/8″-16
tripod mount

light power control

The battery standart is 26650,
so you can easily buy another one at a local store.

You can power flashlight with AC adapter or powerbank.

Portable and easy to use, so even a person who has never assisted to a photographer can handle it.

Photos where RETLIGHT was used
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